Thursday, 6 March 2014

GINS Task #8: Word Art

Hey! (: Today for our Global Issues Novel Study, we were assigned with the task of creating a piece of word art. We chose a quote from our novel (mine is War Brothers by Sharon E. McKay) and used computer software or pen and paper to form it into a powerful visual. The quote is meant to express the most important issues and themes that are occurring throughout the novel. I created my quote with Adobe Illustrator, hope you like it. (:

"Can a good boy be turned into a killer more easily than one who was not a good boy in the first place? I think of how the words of God were so misused by Kony and his commanders. I now believe that if you tell a lie, feed it, nurture it, and help it to grow, it will be believed. It will grow powerful despite being rotten at the core."

The first reason I chose this quote is because the main issue throughout the whole novel is discussed, examined, and analyzed in this quote. The underlying message in this quote is asking: who's fault is it if we are forced into thinking bad things are the right thing to do, and we carry them out? Is the person committing the actions responsible, or the one who persuaded them into that way of thinking? Is that human's soul truly evil, or truly good, based on which way they were influenced? These questions are all pondered and addressed in the novel and are a huge part of the overall story. Second, it connects to worldview :p. "View of human nature" is clearly explored in this quote so that's another connection that can be made. Finally, this quote just really stays with me and makes me think, therefore giving it some personal connection.

There were several intentional choices I made while creating this piece of art. I made certain words that I felt were important, such as believe, lie, powerful, and rotten, larger than the others because I felt that they were the words that really stand out in this quote. Throughout the quote, I also used several different fonts. I chose an un-distracting, basic font for the filler words so they did not detract from the message. For the word believe and believed, I chose a scrawled calligraphy because I felt like it was uneven and each letter was different, much like each of our own beliefs. Lie was put in a scratched out kind of font because we think of lies as covering the truth, like the scratches, and it also gave it a more sinister look. The middle section of the quote is in earthy green because it is using a plant analogy throughout that section, and I chose the cursive font because it looked floral. For the word powerful, I put it in a strong-looking in font and made the colour red to infer to the disastrous outcomes that can come with power, and if a lie grows powerful. Finally, I chose to make rotten in a messy writing with highlights of yellow/green because it made it look as if something was rotting.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely day. 

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