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Hey, I'm Danika. I love to read (especially YA) and write, to escape into an alternate world and live remarkable adventures. I am an aspiring author, and have been writing stories and the basis for novels since grade six! Otherwise, I love to dance, ski, bike, climb trees, and play with my dog.

I originally started this literature blog as a school project, but since it's expanded into my own personal blog as well. Though primarily a book blog, I am hoping to expand it into including other things too, such as writing (both my own and prompts and such for others). I include TBR's, hauls, wrap-ups, reviews, top ten tuesdays, and fun challenges associated with literature.

I hope my blog inspires you. :)

*** I do take book recommendations! If you have a book that you think I should read, please do comment! I do not take very many adult or romance recommendations.

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  1. Hi there!

    I wasn't really sure how to contact you, so I am posting a comment... but I will keep it short! I am starting a club/ network of sorts where I am hoping to get a group of book bloggers together to act as a community/ support group where we can promote and interview each other, occasional guest post on each others blogs, and gain support and feedback. Hopefully, this may result in more traffic and followers on our blogs. If you are interested please visit my blog and refer to the "Contact Me" page to get my email and I can give you some more information.

    This isn't spam, I promise. I have been sorting through blogs all day looking for the right kind of people. I hope you will consider my offer.



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