Sunday, 14 April 2013

This or That Book Tag

Heyyy. Today I am doing a tag from the Booktube community. This tag is from Aura @ Aura's Book Box (I believe she has now switched channels), but I heard about it from Books of Amber (check out her channel and blog!). The tag is pretty straightforward, so here we go.
  1. Audio book or book in hand? I have never listened to an audio book since I was a kid, but there is something special about reading it for yourself and interpreting the characters yourself as well. 
  2. Paperback or hardcover? BOTH. Paperback for the library because they are so shiny and beautiful and new, but hardcover when I buy books. That's because they feel more substantial and can resist more wear and tear. I also love looking under the dust jackets! :) 
  3. Fiction or non-fiction? Easily fiction. I've read some great non-fiction, but I love being able to escape to an unlikely and different world. 
  4. Fantasy world or real life issues? Like I said before, fantasy, because I like escaping from our world to go somewhere new where the impossible becomes possible. That said, there are some really great real-life-issue books and I definitely don't rule them out. 
  5. Harry Potter or Twilight? I have never read Twilight but I love Harry Potter (best books I've ever read in my life) and I don't see how anything could surpass them. I have heard the movies are much worse, but I have seen half of the first Twilight and I think I fell asleep. Maybe not, but I was very bored and the characters seemed weak and superficial (not that I can judge but that's what it seemed like from the movie). 
  6. Kindle, iPad, or other? I have only ever read one book on an iPad, and I have never used a Kobo. I have borrowed my friend's Kindle, but only to read a few pages. I personally don't like eReaders, but if I had to choose, probably Kindle because I just liked the features and the portability and that of the device. 
  7. Borrow or buy? If it's a question of what I prefer, buy. But I borrow books wayyyy more often and have no problem with it. In fact, I really like scanning the shelves and picking up books just for the heck of it without having to worry about if I'll read it or price. 
  8. Bookstore or online? Bookstore. I've never bought a book online. My bookstore has a very nice selection, and I just enjoy going to bookstores. They have a very wide variety of bookish stuff and beautiful journals that I like to look at. 
  9. Stand-alone or trilogy/series? Probably a trilogy or a series because I don't want the story end! Sometimes books are better as stand-alones though, and there are many very strong and enjoyable stand-alone books. I just prefer to see the characters and plot progress and develop through a longer length of time. 
  10. Monster read or short and sweet? Ummm. Both? I really like short books sometimes if they're done well because you get less bored with the story. Overall though, I prefer monster reads because it's more opportunity for the characters to be more fleshed out and for the story to progress. And if it's an enjoyable book, way more fun! 
  11. Romance or action? Action!!!! I don't mind a bit of romance, but I like stories fuelled by the characters and the plot (adventure/action especially) because the romance bores me and is often cheesy. Too many books are classified as action, or fantasy, or science fiction, and really are just romance in disguise. 
  12. Cozy inside or outside? I can't answer this because I love both! Sometimes I love being curled up inside with a blanket, and sometimes I love reading up in a tree or with the sun shining down. I often can focus better inside, but the outdoors is my best friend so obviously I enjoy reading outside as well. 
  13. Hot chocolate or latte? I enjoy both, but especially when I'm reading, nothing warms me more than a cup of hot chocolate. I also like the fancy flavours like peanut butter or peppermint. 
  14. Read reviews or decide for yourself? I generally just look at ratings rather than actual reviews to gauge the general interest level if it is a book I am on the fence about reading. If I think I'll enjoy it and am set on reading it, I pay less attention. I am weird and I like to read the reviews after I've written mine to compare and see if others feel the same way. Overall, I like to steer clear of reviews before I read it unless I am really unsure if it is worth the read. 
Hope you all enjoyed this tag! Bye. :)

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