Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I tried reading this novel twice before in late 2012 and early 2013, but I couldn't get past 20 pages. I tried it again though, and those same 20 pages were way more interesting. Guess third times a charm is actually true in this case. Anyway, I loved this novel and am so glad I gave it a third chance.

Title: Cinder
Author: Marissa Meyer
Genre: Dystopia/Fairytale Retelling
Pg. #: 390
Rating: ***** (five stars)

I loved this book. I rarely give out a full five stars but this one earned it. Completely earned it.

The dystopia aspects were awesome. I loved the mix of Eastern and Western cultures to make a interesting society. And Marissa Meyer just has brilliant ideas about everything. Androids? Cyborgs? Lunars? She executed each perfectly. Just... love.

The characters were awesome as well. I really related to Cinder and found myself thinking the same way she did throughout the book. Adri and Pearl were good characters to bring out the Cinderella aspect of the book, and Peony was a nice addition to make it different. I also loved Iko and the fact that she had a glitch in her personality chip-- She was definitely one of my favourite characters. Queen Levana and the other lunars were very mysterious and I can't wait to see what happens in the next books on the moon. So excited! :)

There were a few minor issues I had with the novel. First, some parts were a bit slow. Not boring slow, I just would've liked a bit more to be going on. Second, the "plot twist" was very, very predictable. However, it didn't really take away from the book much. In some books I've read, the author builds up and builds up to that moment, which ends up being very disappointing because it's so easy to guess. In Cinder though, so much is already going on and she has so much on her mind that this "twist" is kind of going on in the background, so I didn't mind it so much.

I loved this book because I became enthralled in the story. I cared about the characters and the outcome of the novel. It locked me in an alternate world, which is my favourite part about reading. It has been a long time since I have connected and felt like a world in a book was so real.

Have you read Cinder? If so, did you love it as much as me? If not, please read it! Comment with your thoughts. :) 


  1. Ahhhhh! Iko! It's been such a long time since I've read this that I forgot all about her, but noe thst you mention it. Ah! Iko! I love her! Love love love!!!! - Brianna @ For The Love

    1. Iko! <3 I know, I nearly forgot too and I didn't even read it that long ago!!! I can't wait to read more. I have a spectacular month planned in November and guess what? Scarlet's on it. ;)


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