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Hello everyone! This is going to be a page where you can comment in the comments section and ask me questions! These questions can be anything about reading or writing. Sometimes I might post a question too and you can all answer it in the comments. You can also tell me if you would like to keep it anonymous, because I will be posting who the comments are from on this page, but deleting the original comments. So please, go ahead, ask away!

What fictional book that you have read best relates to your life? -Brianna
Wow, that's a great question! I honestly don't know. I think there are snippets of books or emotions that relate to me. I think some parts of Love, Stargirl relate to me personally as opposed to my life, such as her revelations of little things taken for granted, the happy wagon (which I got the idea for by Stargirl), and that need to stay true to yourself and not change for others, which I think everyone has experienced at some point. I also relate to certain characters in novels, such as Ginny Weasley and Jess and Emma from the Mother Daughter Book Club. So overall, I can't say! None really, which is pretty much why I love reading so much. To escape my own world!

What is your favourite classic book you have read? -Brianna
I really enjoyed a lot of classics I have read (which isn't too many). I really liked The Little Princess when I was younger, as well as Heidi and the Call of the Wild. Now I am a big fan of The Hobbit, and to me, Harry Potter is classic enough to count as my favourite!

What is the oldest book you have read (publication/copyright date)? -Brianna
Probably the Hobbit. I think. Most of the other classics I have read were abridged for younger audiences when I read them when I was younger.

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  1. What has been your favourite classical book that you have read?

    What has been the oldest book you've read (as in copyright)?


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