Monday, 29 October 2012

Reading Reflections

A few updates on the books I've been reading!

The Fellowship of the Ring... Ya, I've taken a break. After reaching Book Two of the first part of the novel, I was ready to start reading other books. So I did, and read about 6 books so far in between. And I still don't want to read it right away. So... I'll let you know when I continue to read it again, and finally finish it.

September and October... I've finished a lot of books since then. So here's the list, along with the ratings. Remember */* is a half star!

Insurgent- ****
Matched- ***
The Serpent's Shadow- ****
The Princess Bride- *****
Stargirl- ****
Love, Stargirl- ****
Survivors: The Empty City- ***
The Fellowship of the Ring- Incomplete (a little over halfway through)

Impressive! This was a fairly good month, the books I have read ranging from three to even five stars. I hope to read some more really great books in November and December.

I am not a horror fan, but in spirit of Halloween I am currently reading Lament by Maggie Stiefvater, which is a kind of creepy fantasy novel. So I'm really excited to dive into that.

As inspiration from The Readables as well, I am going to start categorizing my books. For each month I will plan the books I will read as best I can (but you never know when I'll see something that catches my eye, or that I've been waiting for and be like OH! That looks good!). I may have themes for some months, though not always. I will start doing this starting November... Only a few days away. To be more organized I will have another post that will contain this information once it has been decided. Keep checking for that new post!

And finally, I have been writing lot's and lot's (and lot's) of book reviews lately. Slowly I will begin to post them all over the course of a week. Please don't get overwhelmed. :)

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