Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stargirl Inspiration

I recently read Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, and am now reading Love, Stargirl, the sequel. It was a really inspiring book of friendship, acceptance, and love. In honour of Stargirl, and because I was rather intrigued by this idea, I have now started my own version of a "happy wagon". In Stargirl, she has a small wagon on her shelf with 20 pebbles in all. She puts a pebble in the wagon when she's happy, and takes one out when she's not. I put 20 pebbles in a small dragonfly dish of mine. At the moment there are 20 pebbles in the dish, and I will begin to take out and add ones over the next weeks and see how it turns out. Here is my "happy wagon":

Have you read Stargirl? Are you going to? If so, will you start your own "happy wagon"?


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    1. I know! I read about it and was immediately like: I want to do this! So this morning I did and I am actually looking forward to "tracking" my happiness.


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