Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Top Ten Best Romances in Books

Oops! I was kind of busy yesterday, and so I did not post my top ten tuesday! :O So I am posting it now. Because this element is not generally what makes a book great for me, I only have five this week.

Top Ten Best Romances in Books
February 12, 2013
  1. Hermione and Ron from Harry Potter: They are on almost every list but I don't care because they are just so, so perfect together. In the sixth book especially, their romance and comments are hilarious. Their romance is never, ever boring. 
  2. June and Day from Legend: I like how there is not too much focus on romance in this book, so their chemistry was nice to see when it did happen.
  3. Yelena and Valek from Poison Study: Yay! No insta-love! Together, they are perfect, except for the fact that Valek is like, 30-something and Yelena is 18 or 19. Whatever. 
  4. Saba and Jack from Blood Red Road: I did not like this aspect in Rebel Heart, but it was really well thought out and sometimes quite funny in Blood Red Road, earning the two of them a spot on this list. 
  5. Jubilee and Stewart from Let it Snow: This was just really, really sweet so I felt the need to put it on my list. 
That's it! Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. top 10 tuesday...thats a great idea, i also like the counter in the bottom left thats titled 2013 free reading challenge right now your at 12 book out of your 70 total goal i like that idea of posting your literary goals so that your fellow classmates can support and also congratulate you on your goals when you finnish them. thanks for the great projects and the interesting blog


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