Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Top Ten Characters in Dystopia and Fairytale Retellings

This is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish in which they will post a topic and then participants will make their top ten according to the topic. Feel free to go to their site and join in. This week's topic is...

Top Ten Characters in X Genre
February 19, 2013
*X genre = Half dystopia/half fairytale retellings to honour my book topic this month

  1. Katniss Everdeen: I bet anyone doing dystopia will choose her, but it's Katniss people. Especially in the first book of the trilogy, I love her as a main character. 
  2. Tally Youngblood: I love how flawed, but rebellious, of a character she is. Definitely easy to relate to and love along her journey to find true beauty.
  3. Molly Pratt: I really enjoyed her as a minor character in Rebel Heart. I thought she added a lot to the story in the way of revealing more about other characters and providing a connection to Jack. She also is just awesome. 
  4. June Iparis: The first time I read about her, I knew I was going to love her character. Smart, strong, and a little bit sleuthy (yes, I invent words for a living :P), she combines all the elements that make (to me) an excellent female lead. 
  5. Will: This was a real toss-up between Will and Christina, but because I realized I have four other girls on this list, I thought I should probably choose a guy. I really like Will because he's super sweet and funny, though I would've liked to see more development around him. SPOILER ALERT, It is very unfortunate that this cannot happen in the last instalment because he has been killed off by Tris herself. >.< SPOILER ALERT OVER. 
Fairytale Retellings
  1. Inigo Montoya: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Enough said.
  2. Bramble Wentworth: A trouble-maker through and through, Bramble was always fun to read about. You could tell by reading the book that she cares deeply about her family though, and I just loved the separate personalities of all the 12 sisters.
  3. Snow: This is Snow White from The Stepsister Scheme, and though I had a tough choice between her and Talia, I had to go with Snow. She was constantly joking around and lightening the mood, and some of her comments were really quite funny. She was sweet and fun, yet still deadly and dangerous when she wants to be. Awesome! :D
  4. Scarlett March: Though I didn't agree with a lot of what she did or thought, she definitely was very intriguing to read about and I liked her chemistry with Rosie. She also can hold her own against a werewolf. Multiple times. She does it for a living. 
  5. Skulni: I am finding myself wondering why the heck he is on my list. I have a very strong dislike for this character, and I remember he used to freak me out when I was younger (I had nightmares about this guy). But he is one of the main reasons the book was so excellent to me and was a very creative villain, and so he managed to make his way onto this week's list.
I would love to see what genre everyone else chooses! Leave the link to your top ten in the comments, and anything else you would like to say about my list or blog. :) Thanks for reading!

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