Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Future Posts #2

Hey! Since it's been about a month, here is my second post of my series "Future Posts" which will talk about the types of posts I am hoping to do in the future and the recent posts I have done (by the way... this post will be long.)

October's Future Posts:
  • Literary Dinner Party √
  • The Serpent's Shadow book review √
  • The Princess Bride book review √
  • Bookshelf Tour
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Reading √
  • More word art!
  • Book Recommendations
  • Cover to Cover √
  • Q&A √
I have yet to do my Bookshelf Tour which I've been planning, as well as book recommendations. However, both my word art and bookshelf tour are in the making. Sorta.

So anyway, here is a list of things I would like to do now, so please let me know your top two favourites. This time I will explain what each thing is. :)
  • Bookshelf Tour- I've been really wanting to do this! But I haven't had the opportunity yet. For those of you who don't know, a bookshelf tour is just that: I'll talk about the books on my bookshelf. 
  • Princess Bride Word Art- I'm getting used to using Illustrator, because I've never used it before. I have a certain quote from the Princess Bride that I am working on. If you don't know, word art is taking a quote or phrase (from a novel, in my case) and adding images/sketches, fonts, colour, etc. to represent it.  
  • Book Recommendations- For this, I would basically just recommend books by specific authors, specific genres, if you like____ try _____, etc. 
  • Cover to Cover- Check out this post to see what it is all about. :)
  • This or That- Have you ever heard of the game "Coke or Pepsi?" Well, basically it's where there are questions such as "dark chocolate or milk chocolate", and you have to answer which one you prefer. Often times it is done where you try and guess what your friends would say. If I were to do this on my book blog, I would post book or writing related questions that I would answer, and anyone who wants to could create a post on their blog and join in by answering my questions and/or creating their own (don't forget to link back here ;)
  • Book to Movie Adaptation (The Princess Bride): Pretty self-explanatory. 
  • Top 10 Books to Read- I have a veryyyy long list. But this would be me explaining my top 10 if I HAD to choose. 
  • Dream Cast for Divergent- Yes, the movie is coming out in 2014! So I thought I could say who I think should play who. 
  • Literary Mix Tape- Character TBA. ;)
I guarantee there will be other things that will be posted that are not on this list. I also guarantee that the following posts will be posted by February 8. 
  • Two reviews of another blogger's review
  • One alternate-text review (something other than a book- I know right!)
  • Another book-related challenge of some sort (such as the Literary Dinner Party)
  • 2013 Book Resolutions
  • A picture of my owl decoration I bought. I don't care if it doesn't relate to books. Whatever. (I ended up adding this to my bookshelf tour). 
So that's what I can guarantee. Sorry, this post was kind of long and boring (gasp!) but that's ok. I gotta have them once in a while. So please, comment on the two things you would most like me to do. 

Oh! And also, I would love if you could answer this one question in the comments too... Do you prefer watching videos on my blog or reading written things (like this one)? Thanks!


Thanks so much for commenting and stopping at my blog!