Friday, 9 November 2012

Harry Potter Literary Dinner Party

All-HP literary dinner party. Awesome ;)

*SPOILER ALERT*  2:30-2:45
And seriously... If you haven't read the books and plan to, do not watch that snippet! :)


  1. Hi Danika,

    Your blog is AMAZING! You had great use of the space and I love how you use different fonts for different titles. Your blog is very creative and there are many different interesting and entertaining widgets as well. Your page also has many creative posts like your Harry Potter dinner party and your Wordle. I hope my blog can be as utterly awesome as yours!

    1. Thanks so much Alex! I love working on this blog, it's so much fun!! :) I love your blog too, especially your awesome letter to Tris. Thanks for looking at my blog!


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