Thursday, 8 November 2012

The 7 Deadly Sins of Reading

Prepare yourselves... this is the 7 deadly sins of reading tag adapted by BookishlyMalyza. Here we go!

Greed- What is your most expensive and least expensive book?
Truth be told, I do not buy books often. I KNOW. Crazy. I get nearly every book I read from my local library (and trust me, I make many trips there...) because 1) I do not have enough space for tons of books 2) I do not have enough money for tons of books 3) I do not want to buy the book and realize I despised it once I read it. I only buy books when I really, truly LOVE the series and know for absolute certain I will re-read it at least (least!!!) one more time. But my most expensive book would probably be the Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, which I plan to read when I am older, or my Harry Potter collection, though much of this was paid by my sister as a gift. My least expensive book would be my short, thin book about J.K. Rowling.

Wrath- Which author do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Suzanne Collins all the way. I loved the Hunger Games soooo much. It immediately made my top books list. Then I read Catching Fire. Not amazing, but still a very, very enjoyable sequel. But then came Mockingjay... Oh Suzanne Collins, what have you done? The ending was not satisfying to me at all, and the entire book was like a haze... I just couldn't dive into it. Sorry for those Mockingjay lovers out there.

Gluttony- What book have you deliciously devoured over and over again without shame?
I don't re-read a lot of books... well, except one. Harry freaking Potter, of course. I have read the series 5 times so far (and counting!), and plan to read it again soon, probably this February. Every time I read it, I get something new from the characters and series. It is safe to say I can absolutely not get enough of HP.

Sloth- Which books have you neglected to read due to laziness?
Lord of the Rings all the way. I've wanted to for a little, and then I started and I.... I just couldn't. So the book is safely returned to the library because I just couldn't read it right now. But I promise, I absolutely will! I also have neglected to read quite a few classics such as The Secret Garden, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the full version of Little Women, and of course, Watership Down. I will read them all. Of course.

Pride- Which book have you talked most about to make you sound like an intellectual reader?
Again, Harry Potter. Uttering magic spells and talking about all sorts of important, professional-sounding terms (priori incantatem, amortentia, thestrals, elixir of life, the philosopher's stone, and many, many more). Plus, I know my stuff so well from this book that often, I just can't resist. And luckily my family tolerates it. As do my friends (most of them have read HP anyway, so they relate).

Lust- Which attributes do you find most attractive in male or female characters in books?
For female characters, definitely strength. Any character that can hold her own and is tough and determined makes me very, very happy (Katniss Everdeen, anyone? How about Saba? Tally? Trella?). I really love that trait in a female lead. For male characters, I like any character that is flawed, which really applies to any character for me. To see vulnerability in really any character is helpful and relatable to me. A great example is Harry Potter. He is brave, smart, athletic... but he doesn't always make the right choices. But what makes him amazing is how he handles situations and recognizes his flaws. I also like male characters that are funny, amusing, or pranksters (cough, cough Gred and Forge ;). Pretty awesome.

Envy- Which books would you most like to receive as a gift?
I'm pretty content with my Harry Potter collection, but I would totally love to be gifted Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I wouldn't say no to the Uglies series or Hunger Games series either, though. :)

So that's it! I really hope you enjoyed reading this. Tell me what your answers to the questions would be in the comments, or make a post on your blog and let me know!


  1. Wow! For a person like you who loves to read books, I didn't expect you to get most of your books from the local library. I honestly thought you would buy most of your books.

  2. Haha ya, it is pretty hard to believe! I would love to have a big book collection, but going to the library works for me. :)


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